Royal Australian Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Vessels

Royal Australian Navy Corvettes and Patrol Vessels

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Bathurst Class LOA 186′ / 56.7 m TDISP 1,025 tons (60 built, 5 lost in action, 2 preserved) designed as minesweepers

HMAS Castlemaine J-244 (1942) decommissioned to training ship 1945, Museum ship 1973

HMAS Castlemaine AWM 4100113
HMAS Castlemaine J-244 returning from convoy escort work Sep. 1942 Port Moresby Australian War Memorial 026613

HMAS Castlemaine Williamstown VIC 2015.jpgHMAS Whyalla J-153 (1942) land monument at Whyalla, South Australia decommissioned 1946. Museum ship since 1984

Photo taken and supplied by Brian Voon Yee Yap en:User:Yewenyi [CC BY-SA 3.0 (

HMAS Whyalla South Australia 2017.jpg

Patrol Vessels

Armidale Class LOA 186′ / 56.7 m TDISP 300 tons (14 built, 1 heavily damaged by fire and decommissioned)

U.S., Australian and New Zealand Navy 19-ship formation for Talisman Saber 2017
HMAS Bathurst during Talisman Sabre 2017 US Navy 3603535 PO3 Jonathan Clay

Armidale class patrol boats Cairns 2008Armidale class patrol boats Coonawarra 2009

Freemantle Class LOA 137′ / 41.8 m TDISP 220 tons (15, 13 scrapped 2 preserved)

HMAS Towsnville FCPB-205 (1981 – 2007)

HMAS Townsville and USN frigate USS Robert E. Peary 1989 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-ST-90-08224 JO1 Lee Bosco

HMAS Townsville Townsville AU 2016HMAS Townsville Townsville AU 2009HMAS Gladstone FCPB-215 (1884 – 2007)HMAS Gladstone AU 2016

Attack Class LOA 107′ / 32.6 m TDISP 146 tons

HMAS Advance P-83 (1968 – 1988) museum ship at National Australian Maritime Museum, Sydney (20 built, some transferred to Indonesian Navy, rest retired)HMAS Advance Sydney 2018

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