Royal Australian Navy – Landing Ships

Royal Australian Navy Landing Ships

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HMAS Choules, L-100 Bay Class LOA 579′ / 176.5 m TDISP 16,200 tons 2011-present. Previously Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel Largs Bay (2006 – 2011)

USS Green Bay conducts Talisman Saber 17
HMAS Choules during Exercise Talisman Saber 2017 [Detail of] US Navy 3592917 PO2 Sarah Myers
HMAS Choules L100 Kuttabul 2018

HMAS Tobruk L-50 modified Round-table class Landing Ship Heavy (1981 – 2015) LOA 417′ / 127.1 m TDISP 5,700 tonsHMAS Tobruk Kuttabul 2014

Kanimbla class Landing Ship Dock modified USN Newport class LST LOA 522′ / 159.2 m TDISP 8,500 tons (2 served in RAN)

HMAS Kanimbla L-51 and HMAS Manoora L-52 (1994 – 2011) previously USS Saginaw and USS Fairfax County (1971 – 1994)

Kanimbla class Kuttabul 2009
Note modifications include the removal of the prominent bow derrick and ramp.

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