Romanian Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Vessels

Romanian Navy Corvettes and Patrol Vessels

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Tetal I and Tetal II classes LOA 305′ / 93 m TDISP 1,600 tons (Tetal I – 2 in service, 2 retired; Tetal II – 2 in service, 2 unfinished, to be dismantled). Tetal II class can be distinguished by large helicopter facilities at stern.

Tetal II class Contraamiral Eustatiu Sebastian F-264 during Romanian Navy Day, Aug. 2018. US Navy Official 4651716 MC2 Jonathan Nelson
Tetal class corvettes Mangalia 2018
This should be all units of both Tetal classes left in commission at Mangalia: Tetal I class Amiral Petre Bărbuneanu (F-260 – 1983) and Vice-Amiral Eugeniu Roșca (F-263 – 1987) Tetal II class Contraamiral Eustațiu Sebastian (F-264 – 1988) and Contraamiral Horia Macellariu (F-265 – 1991)
ROS Amiral Petre Bărbuneanu F-260, Tetal 1 type at Constanta. Courtesy of Alan Holder-Twomlow

Missile Boats

Zborul class (Soviet Tarantul class) LOA 184′ / 56 m TDISP 450 tons (3 active, service starting in 1989)

ROS Lăstunul F-190 and other boats at Constanta. Courtesy of Alan Holder-Twomlow
Zborul Class missile boats including ROS Zborul F-188 and ROS Pescăruşul F-189, ca. 2011. MAPN / CC BY-SA

Tarantul class missile corvettes Mangalia 2018

Torpedo Boats

Epitrop Class LOA 121′ / 36.9 m TDISP 215 tons (3 possibly still active, 11 built, service starting 1979) Romanian-built torpedo boat based on a Soviet Osa class missile boat.

Soimul&Vulturul Epitrop boats-1992
A starboard view of two Romanian Navy Osa I Class fast attack missile boats Shoimul (194) and Vulturul (195), 1992. US Navy Official DN-SN-92-09492 Unknown / Public domain

Epitrop torpedo boats Mangalia 2018

P-4 / Project 123 “Komsomolets” class LOA 63′ / 19.2 m TDISP 80 tons. Soviet design. (6 retired, service ca. mid1950s-1980s, 1 preserved at Romanian Naval Museum, Constanta) see Russian listing for other preserved examples.VT-86 MTB P-4 Constanta museum 2012

Fast Attack Craft

Shanghai Class LOA 127′ / 38.7 m TDISP 130 tons (24 built, some in China and some locally, all now retired)Shanghai class fast attach Tulcea 2012

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