Romanian Navy – Frigates


Type 22 LOA 481′ / 146.6 m TDISP 4,800 tons (2 transferred from Royal Navy, both active)

Regele Ferdinand (F-221) (formerly HMS Coventry F-98 1988-2002) transferred 2004.Regele Ferdinand F-221 Type 22 Constanta 2012Regina Maria (F-222) (formerly HMS London F-95 1987-1999) transferred 2005.

NATO bolsters Standing Maritime Force for deterrence operations
ROS Regina Maria during NATO Operation Active Endeavour, 2011. US Navy Official 486921

Regina Maria F-222 Type 22 Constanta 2012

Mărășești (unique design) F-111 (1992) LOA 474′ / 144.5 m TDISP 5,800 tons. This was originally classed a light cruiser, then a destroyer, and in 2001 a frigate.

Marasesti F-111 ca. 2004. MAPN / CC BY-SA

Marasesti F-111 alongside USS Donald Cook. [Detail of] US Navy Official 2173696 PO1 Sean Spratt
Marasesti F-111 Constanta 2012

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