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Republic of Korea Frigates

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Daegu Class LOA 400′ TDISP 3,600 tons (1 active, 3 building)

Daegu 818 (2018)Daegu Daewoo 2017-11Gyeongnam 819 (building)Gyeongnam 819 building Busan 2019

Incheon Class LOA 374′ TDISP 3,250 tons (6 active)

ROKS Incheon class 20130626_대한해협_전승행사_(4)_(9460603621)
Incheon Class frigate, 2013 대한민국 국군 Republic of Korea Armed Forces [CC BY-SA 2.0]
Incheon Class Frigate Mokpo 2019.jpg

Ulsan Class LOA 340′ TDISP 2,350 tons (5 active, 4 retired)

Foal Eagle: March 2015
ROKS Jeju FF-958 during Exercise Foal Eagle 2015 US Navy Official 1814410 Daniel M Young

ROKS Seoul FF-952 (1984-2015) preserved as a museum ship at Battleship Park, Seoul.ROKS Seoul FF-952 Seoul Battleship Park 2020

Ulsan Jinhae 2018

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