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Attack Submarines (Diesel-Electric)

Sohn Won-yil Class (variant of German-designed Type 214) LOA 213′ / 64.9 m TDISP 1,850 tons submerged. (9 active, 2 batches, service since 2007) Son Won-Il Class ROK Sub Jinhae 2020Son Won-Il Class ROK Sub Cheju Island 2021

Jang Bogo Class (variant of German designed Type 209/1200) LOA 184-200′ / 56.1-61 m TDISP tons 1300 t0ns submerged. (12, 11 active, service since 1993) See also upgraded Indonesian Navy Nagapasa class subs. Jang Bogo Class ROK Sub Jinhae 2020Jang Bogo Class ROK Sub Jinhae 2014

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Dolgorae or Cosmos classes LOA ca. 91-110′ / 27.7-33.5 m TDISP 80-175 tons submerged. (11 active, smaller Cosmos appear to have been replaced by Dolgorae, service since 1983) Dolgorae or Cosmos class midget Jinhae 2012

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