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Sejong the Great Class LOA 545′ TDISP 10,600 tons (3 active, 3 building) – AEGIS equipped. Currently this class has the heaviest VLS missile complement (VLS cells) of any comparable destroyer or cruiser class.

Yulgok Yi sails with partner nations during RIMPAC
ROKS Yulgok Yi DDG-992 during RIMPAC 2018 US Navy Official 4597195 PO1 Arthurgwain Marquez

Sejong the Great Class DDG Busan 2018Sejong the Great Class DDG Cheju Island 2021

Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin class LOA 492′ TDISP 5,500 tons (6 active) in service since 2003

USS Chafee
ROKS ROKS Munmu the Great DDH-976, 2012 US Navy Official 522033

Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin class Jinhae 2019.jpg

Gwanggaeto the Great Class LOA 445′ TDISP 3,900 tons (3 active) in service since 1998

USS Wayne E. Meyer and the Republic of Korea Navy Ship Conduct a Bilateral VBSS Training Exercise
ROKS Gwanggaeto the Great DDH-971, May 2017 training with the USS Wayne E. Meyer US Navy Official 3428921 PO2 Kelsey Adams

Gwanggaeto the Great DD DOnghae 2011

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