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Nuclear-powered Ballistic Missile Submarines SSBN

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Arihant class (2 active, 2 planned) LOA 364′ / 110.9 m TDISP 6,000 tons. 12 tubes/boat, with short and intermediate range SLBMs. The two planned units will have as many as 24 tubes.

INS Arihant diagram. Credit: Ajbura, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Arihant class SSBN Visakhapatnam 2021

Attach Submarines (Diesel-Electric)

Sindhughosh class (Russian Kilo class) LOA 238′ / 72.5 m TDISP 3,030 tons submerged (8 active, 2 retired, service since 1986)

INS Sindhurakshak S-63 departing Portsmouth, UK, Feb. 2013. Credit: This image photographed by Brian Burnell with permission was uploaded to Commons by George Hutchinson.. CC BY-SA 3.0 ,via Wikimedia Commons

Sindhughosh class Mumbai 2017Sindhughosh-class kilo Visakhapatnam 2021

Shishumar class LOA 211′ / 64.3 m TDISP 1,850 tons submerged (4 active, service since 1986)

INS Shishumar arriving in Oman, 2017 [Detail of] Credit: Indian Navy (GODL-India), GODL-India , via Wikimedia Commons
Shishumar class Mumbai 2021

Vela Class LOA 300′ / 91.4 m TDISP 2,500 tons submerged. Updated variant of Foxtrot class. INS Vagli may be preserved as a museum. (4 retired, service 1973-2010) Vela class SS Visakhapatnam 2009

INS Vagli S-42 (1974-2010) On display at Chennai Port since 2016. Efforts underway for long term preservation in Tamil Nadu. INS Vagli S-42 on hold Chennai Port 2020

INS Kursura S-20 (1969-2001) Kalvari class LOA 300′ / 91.4 m TDISP 2,500 tons submerged. Early variant of Foxtrot design for Indian Navy. Museum boat.

Sister-ship INS Karanj S-21, Jan. 2014. Credit: Indian Navy, GODL-India , via Wikimedia Commons

INS Kursura Foxtrot Visakhapatnam 2019

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