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Shivalik class LOA 468′ / 142.6 m TDISP 6,200 tons (3 active)

Indian Navy Shivalik-Class Stealth Frigate INS Satpura (F48) Departs Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Following the Conclusion of RIMPAC 2016
Shivalik-Class Stealth Frigate INS Satpura F-48 departing Pearl Harbor RIMPAC 2016, US Navy Official 2772932 PO2 Johans Chavarro

Shivalik Class Visakhapatnam 2018.jpg

Talwar Class LOA 409′ / 124.7 m TDISP 4,030 tons (6 active, 2 building)

Exercise Cutlass Express 2019
Talwar Class INS Trikand F-51 off the coast of Djibouti during exercise Cutlass Express 2019 US Navy Official 5079368 PO1 Ryan U. Kledzik

Talwar Class FF Mumbai 2018.jpg

Brahmaputra Class LOA 415′ / 126.5 m TDISP 3,800 tons 1994- (3 active)

Exercise Malabar 2007
INS Brahmaputra F-31 during Malabar 2007 US Navy Official 60249

Brahmaputra Class FF Mumbai 2018.jpg

Godavari Class LOA 415′ / 126.5 m TDISP 3,800 tons (1 active, 2 retired)

INS Godaviri F-20 underway, 1987 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-88-09663

INS Gomati F-21 (1988)

Gomati 1
INS Gomati F-21 in the Red Sea, 1995 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-97-01762

INS Gomati Mumbai 2018INS Gomati Mumbai 2019

Nilgiri Class updated (British) Leander Class Frigate design (6 built, all scrapped) in service 1972-2013 LOA 371′ / 113.1 m TDISP 2,900 tons (see Royal Navy frigate listing for photos of similar class)Nilgiri class Indian Frigate Kochi 2009Nilgiri class Indian Frigate.jpgNilgiri class 2 Indian Frigate Mumbai 2009

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