Greek Navy – Frigates


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Hydra Class (Meko 200 HN) LOA 384′ TDISP 3,350 tons (4 active, service since 1992)

HS Salamis F-455, no date. Credit: Eugenio Castillo Pert / CC BY-SA 
Hydra (MEKO) frigate Souda Bay 2017
Hydra (MEKO)ghose frigate Souda Bay 2017

Elli Class (2 original Dutch-built units, 8 ex-Dutch Kortenaer class transferred in late 1990s) LOA 428′ TDISP 3,600 tons (10 active, Greek service since 1981)

HS Kanaris F-464 in Malaga, 2008. Credit: Eduardo Fernández / CC BY-SA 

HS Themistoklis F-465 (2003) ex-HNLMS Philips van Almonde F-823 (1981-2002)

Themistoklis Elli class FF Piraeus 2019

Knox Class LOA 438′ TDISP 4,130 tons (3 transferred from US, Greek service 1992-2003) See USN retired frigates listing for more information.Decommissioned Greek ships Souda Bay 2004-2

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