Greek Navy – Destroyers


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Charles F. Adams Class DDG LOA 437′ / 133.2 m TDISP 4,500 tons (4 transferred from US to Greece, plus an additional parts hulk) See USN retired destroyers for more information.

HS Velos D-16 (1959-1991) Fletcher Class formerly USS Charrette DD-581 (1943-1959) LOA 377′ / 114.8 m TDISP 3,000 tons. Museum Ship since 1994 now at Palaio Faliro. See Retired USN Destroyers listing for more information.

HS Velos D-16 museum ship at Palaio Faliro, 2013. Credit: Cplakidas / CC BY-SA 
Velos ex-USS Charrette Palaio Faliro 2017

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