Greek Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Roussen Class Fast Attack Missile LOA 203′ / 61.9 m TDISP 580 tons (5 active, service since 2006)

P67_Roussen - Piraeus
HS Roussen P-67 at Piraeus Credit: © 2009-2010 K. Krallis, SV1XV / CC BY-SA 
Roussen class fast attack Skaramagas 2019

The Hellenic Navy has many more classes of patrol, fast attack, and missile boats, but the available google earth imagery is not sufficient as of 2020 to comprehensively list them.


Zubr (Pomornik) Class LOA 189′ / 57.6 m TDISP 550 tons built in St. Petersburg and the Ukraine (4 active, service since 2001) these are also in service in Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy. Currently these are the largest hovercraft.

Pomornik (Zuber) Hovercraft Skaramagas 2017
Pomornik (Zuber) Hovercraft Skaramagas 2017-10

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