Greek Navy – Landing Ships

Landing Ships

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Jason Class LOA 381′ / 116.1 m TDISP 4,470 tons (5 active, service since 1994)

HS Ikaria L-175, in the Gulf of Corinth, 2013. Credit: Schuppi / CC BY-SA 
Jason class LST Souda Bay 2003

Terrebonne Parish Class LSTs LOA 384′ / 117 m TDISP 5,800 tons (2 transferred from the US to Greece 1977)

HNS ”Inouse” L-104 entering port at Taranto, Italy, date unknown (Ex- USS Terrell County” LST-1157). Photo by George R. O’Connell. Official U.S. Navy photo taken from
Terrebonne Parish LST Souda Bay 2004

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