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FREMM Tahya Misr FFG1001 LOA 466′ / 142 m TDSIP 6,000 tons (1 active with Egypt, see French and Italian listings for other units) FFG1001Tahya Misr FFG1001 AlexandriaTahya Misr FFG1001 2018 Alexandria.jpg

Oliver Hazard Perry Class LOA 445′ / 135.6 m TDISP 4,200 tons (4 active)

Eagle Salute 19
[Detail of] Egyptian navy frigate Sharm El-Sheikh F-901 alongside USS McFaul for a Replenishment at Sea RAS exercise in the Red Sea, July 2019. US Navy Official 5614784 PO3 William Hardy
Perry class FFG Alexandria 2018.jpg

Knox Class LOA 438′ / 133.5 m TDISP 4,260 tons (2 active) Knox class FFG Alexandria 2021

Damiyat F-961 ex-USS Jesse L. Brown FF-1089 (1973-1994) AND Rasheed F-966, Ex-USS Moinester (1974-1994) FF-1097, both transferred to Egypt 1994Knox class FFG Alexandria 2018

Type 053H (Jianghu I) LOA 339′ / 103.3 m TDISP 2,000 tons (Chinese built; 2 transferred to Egyptian Navy, retired)

Unitas XXXVI
Chinese Jianghu I class frigate, ca. 1995. This is the same class as the 2 units sold to Egypt. Major Visual difference is the ENS ships have smaller twin 57mm guns fore and aft. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-97-01754

Type053H Frigate Alexandria 2018Type053H Frigate Port Said 2018Type053H Frigate Berenice2014.jpg

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