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FREMM Tahya Misr FFG1001 LOA 466′ TDSIP 6,000 tons (1 active with Egypt, see French and Italian listings for other units) FFG1001Tahya Misr FFG1001 AlexandriaTahya Misr FFG1001 2018 Alexandria.jpg

Oliver Hazard Perry Class LOA 445′ TDISP 4,200 tons (4 active)

Eagle Salute 19
[Detail of] Egyptian navy frigate Sharm El-Sheikh F-901 alongside USS McFaul for a Replenishment at Sea RAS exercise in the Red Sea, July 2019. US Navy Official 5614784 PO3 William Hardy
Perry class FFG Alexandria 2018.jpg

Knox Class LOA 438′ TDISP 4,260 tons (2 active) Knox class FFG Alexandria 2021

Damiyat F-961 ex-USS Jesse L. Brown FF-1089 (1973-1994) AND Rasheed F-966, Ex-USS Moinester (1974-1994) FF-1097, both transferred to Egypt 1994Knox class FFG Alexandria 2018

Type 053H (Jianghu I) LOA 339′ TDISP 2,000 tons (Chinese built; 2 transferred to Egyptian Navy, retired)

Unitas XXXVI
Chinese Jianghu I class frigate, ca. 1995. This is the same class as the 2 units sold to Egypt. Major Visual difference is the ENS ships have smaller twin 57mm guns fore and aft. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-97-01754

Type053H Frigate Alexandria 2018Type053H Frigate Port Said 2018Type053H Frigate Berenice2014.jpg

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