Egyptian Navy – Submarines


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Attack Submarines (Diesel-Electric)

Type 209/1400 (German-built) LOA 201′ / 61.3 m TDISP 1,580 tons submerged (3 active, service since 2016)

S-41 at ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems yard, Kiel, Germany, 2015. Credit: Marco Kuntzsch, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Type 209 Submarine Alexandria 2017-02Type 209 Submarine Alexandria 2017

Romeo Class (Both Soviet Russian Romeos and Chinese Type 033 – built) LOA 250′ / 76.2 m TDISP 1,830 tons submerged. Modernized to carry Harpoon missiles. Final variant of Romeo design called ES5B, with many updated features. (6 retired, 2 possibly still active as dock-side trainers) Romeo Class SS Egypt 2021Romeo class SSboats Alexandria 2013

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