Brazilian Navy – Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carriers

Clemenceau Class LOA 869′ / 264.9 m TDISP 32,800 tons (2 built for French Navy, 1 transferred to Brazil)

São Paulo A-12, served in French Navy (1963-2000) as Foch, R-99, transferred to Brazil, served 2000-2018. Efforts are underway to preserve the ship.

BNS SAO PAULO A-12 in formation with USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76, 2004 near San Diego. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-05-02977 PH1 John Lill.

São Paulo A-12 RIO 2018

Colossus Class LOA 695′ / 211.8 m TDISP 20,000 tons

Minas Gerais A-11 (1960-2001) Constructed as HMS Vengeance (1945-1952), then loaned to Royal Australian Navy (1952-1955). In the late 1950s the carrier got a massive reconstruction that included fitting an angled flight deck, strengthened to handle modern heavier aircraft in preparation for a transfer to Brazil. Scrapped ca. 2004 Alang India.

Unitas XXXVI
Minas Gerais A-11, Rio de Janeiro, during Exercise UNITAS XXXVI, ca. 1995, NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-97-01755

Minas Gerais Brazil 2002

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