Brazilian Navy – Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carriers

Clemenceau Class LOA 869′ / 264.9 m TDISP 32,800 tons (2 built for French Navy, 1 transferred to Brazil)

São Paulo A-12, served in French Navy (1963-2000) as Foch, R-99, transferred to Brazil, served 2000-2018. After a long debacle to try and have the ship scrapped in Turkey, the tow was turned back before Gibraltar, due to concerns over asbestos and other hazardous contamination. After months of towing outside of Recife/Suape port by Alp line tugs, the hulk was seized by naval tug NAPOC Purus and sunk in deep water on 3 February 2023. This ranks as one of the most problematic disposals.

BNS SAO PAULO A-12 in formation with USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76, 2004 near San Diego. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-05-02977 PH1 John Lill.

São Paulo A-12 RIO 2018

Colossus Class LOA 695′ / 211.8 m TDISP 20,000 tons

Minas Gerais A-11 (1960-2001) Constructed as HMS Vengeance (1945-1952), then loaned to Royal Australian Navy (1952-1955). In the late 1950s the carrier got a massive reconstruction that included fitting an angled flight deck, strengthened to handle modern heavier aircraft in preparation for a transfer to Brazil. Scrapped ca. 2004 Alang India.

Unitas XXXVI
Minas Gerais A-11, Rio de Janeiro, during Exercise UNITAS XXXVI, ca. 1995, NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-97-01755

Minas Gerais Brazil 2002

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