French Navy – Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carriers

Charles de Gaulle R-91 (2001) LOA 858′ / 261.5 m TDISP 42,500 tons

French Navy ships sail in formation with ships from the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), and U.S. Navy during exercise La Perouse
Charles de Gaulle on multinational exercises in the Indian Ocean May 2019 US Navy Official 5390681 SA Leonard Adams

charles de Gaulle R91 Toulon 2016

Clemenceau Class LOA 869′ / 264.9 m TDISP 32,500 tons (2 both retired)

Clemenceau R-98 (1961 – 1997) scrapped 2009-2010 Hartlepool UK

Decommissioned carrier Clemenceau at Brest awaiting the last voyage for dismantling. Credit: Moreau.henri [CC BY-SA]
Clemenceau Toulon 2002Foch R-99 (1963 – 2000) sold to Brazil as São Paulo, decommissioned 2017

Foch R-99
Foch R-99 during Exercise Dragon Hammer 1992 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-ST-92-08605 PHC Jack C. Bahm

sao paulo exFoch Rio de Janeiro 2018

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