Royal Navy – Aircraft Carriers

Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers

Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier LOA 920′ / 280.4 m TDISP 65,000 tons (2 active, service since 2017)

HMS Queen Elizabeth at Sea
HMS Queen Elizabeth 2018 US Navy Official 4910783 Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class John Philip Wagner, Jr.

HMS Queen Elizabeth R-08 (2017)

HMS Queen Elizabeth alongside HMS Illustrious Photo: HMS Queen Elizabeth/MOD

HMS Queen Elizabeth R08 Halifax 2019HMS Prince of Wales R-09 (2019) HMS Prince of Wales Portsmouth 2020 HMS Prince of Wales

Invincible Class LOA 686′ / 209.1 m TDISP 22,000 tons (3, all scrapped)

HMS INVINCIBLE 1980 - 2000
HMS Invincible 1998 © Crown copyright. IWM (SFPU-N-CO-1998-38-51)

HMS Illustrious R06 (1982 – 2014), scrapped in Turkey 2017HMS Illustrious R06 Portsmouth 2014HMS Illustrious R06 Portsmouth 2016

HMS Ark Royal R07 (1985 – 2011), scrapped in Turkey 2013

HMS Ark Royal visiting Mayport FL US Navy Official 285838 SCPO Leah Stiles

HMS Ark Royal R07 Rosyth 2010.jpg

Colossus Class LOA 695′ / 211.8 m TDISP 20,000 tons subclass of 1942 Design Light Fleet Carrier (10 built all scrapped)

HMS Vengeance (1945 – 1960) transferred to Brazil (1960) as Minas Gerais. Scrapped Alang, India 2004

Minas Gerais Brazilian Carrier 1990 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-91-01809 PH2 Tracy Lee Didas

Minas Gerais Brazil 2002Minas Gerais India scrapping 2004

HMS Hercules see INS Vikrant in Indian Naval Ships listing.

Centaur Class LOA 744’ / 226.9 m TDISP 28,000 tons (4, 3 scrapped, 1 in reserve India)

HMS Hermes (1959 – 1984) transferred to India see INS Viraat in Indian Naval Ships listing.

HMS Hermes IWM colour
HMS Hermes with the ship’s company and aircraft dressing ship. At this phase of her career she operated Westland Wessex and Sea King ASW helicopters. Copyright: © IWM. HU 101347 Original Source:

INS Viraat Mumbai 2020

HMS Argus unique ship (1918 – 1944) LOA 565′ / 172.2 m TDISP 15,700 tons scrapped 1946. This was the first carrier ever designed as such.

HMS Argus 1942
HMS Argus January 1942, North Atlantic © IWM (A 7338)
HMS Argus Chatham Kent SWW
This shows the carrier after modifications in 1937 and 1939 widening the flight deck (and changes to forward edge)

Escort Carrier (Unknown) LOA 505′ / 153.9 m possibly HMS Archer, or follow-up Bogue classHM Escort Carrier Chatham Kent SWW

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