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Des Moines Class CA Heavy Cruisers LOA 716′ TDISP 21,000 tons (3, 1 preserved)

CA 134 Des Moines NARA
USS Des Moines NARA: 7577504
USS Newport News HFX HS-15365 1951
USS Newport News visiting Halifax, 1951. Credit: Library and Archives Canada / Department of National Defence HS-15365 Copyright belongs to Crown.

USS Des Moines CA-134 (1948-1961) scrapped 2007USS Des Moines Philadelphia 2004USS Des Moines CA-134 Brownsville TX 2006.jpgUSS Salem CA-139 (1949-1959) – Museum Ship since 1994, Quincy MA

USS Salem NH 97607
USS Salem CA-139, 1952 NH 97607 Courtesy of Naval History and Heritage Command

USS Salem CA-139 Quincy MA 2018USS Salem CA-139 Quincy MA 2009

CA 148 Newport News NARA
USS Newport News CA-148 Detail of NARA: 7577586

USS Long Beach CGN-9, (hulk) unique Guided Missile Nuclear-powered Cruiser (1961-1995) LOA 721′  TDISP 15,500 tons

USS Long Beach CGN9 NARA
USS Long Beach CGN-9 1993 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-85-07294 PH3 C. Yebba

USS Long Beach hull Bremerton 2013

Virginia Class CGN guided missile nuclear-powered cruiser LOA 586′ TDISP 11,600 tons (4, all dismantled)

USS Mississippi CGN-40 (1978-1997) fully dismantled 2007

USS Mississippi on sea trials 1978 NARA: USN 1172832 (courtesy of Naval History and Heritage Command)

USS Mississippi CGN-40 hulk Bremerton 2007.jpg

Cleveland Class CL Light Cruiser LOA 610′ TDISP 14,000 tons (27, 1 preserved)

USS Oklahoma City CL-91 CLG-5 CG-5 (1944-1979) sunk as target 1999USS Oklahoma City CG-5 Port Hueneme 1994

USS Oklahoma City n.d. NARA: 428-N-1060518

USS Little Rock CL-92 CLG-4 CG-4 (1945-1976) Museum Ship Buffalo NYUSS Little Rock CL-92 Buffalo NY 2016.jpg

USS Little Rock NHHC NH 83498-KN
USS Little Rock CG-4 1974 USN Official NH 83498-KN, Courtesy of the Naval Heritage and History Command

Ticonderoga Class CG Guided missile cruisers LOA 567′ TDISP 9,800 tons. First 5 units fitted with MK. 26 missile launchers and without Vertical Launch System were retired. For VLS cruisers see current USN cruisers.Spruance vs. Ticonderoga disposal Philedelphia 2010USS Vincennes CG-49 (1985-2005), scrapped 2011USS Vincennes CG49 Brownsville TX 2010.jpgTiconderogas at Philedelphia 2019

USS Vincennes CG-49 last port of call in Pearl Harbor before decommissioning in 2005 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-07-00535 PH1 Robert C. Foster, Jr., USN

Leahy and Belknap Classes of guided missile cruiser/destroyer leader LOA 533′ to 547′ TDISP 7,400 – 7,900 tons (18 retired and scrapped) two similar classes grouped together. Leahy class were “Double-ender” (Terrier missile launchers at bow and stern) with an ASROC launcher immediately forward of the bridge, and were 533-535′ LOA. Belknaps were “Single-ender” with the bow missile launcher doubling as an Anti-Submarine Rocket launcher, so no ASROC launcher was installed. They were slightly longer and had a single 5″ aft.

USS Gridley DLG-21 (1963-1994) Leahy Class, laid up in reserve at Suisun Bay, CA. Scrapped 2005 Brownsville TX.

USS Gridley E-73141 1963 Esquimalt
USS Gridley newly commissioned arrives in Esquimalt, BC, 1963. Library and Archives Canada / Department of National Defence E-73141 Copyright belongs to the Crown.

Belknap and Leahy CGNs Suisun Bay 2002.jpg

USS Harry E. Yarnell CG-17 Leahy Class cruiser (1963-1993), left partially disassembled, finally scrapped 2002ex-USS Harry E Yarnell CG17 Philedelphia PA 1994.jpg

USS Harry E. Yarnell Maine 1969 NH 106505 Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command

USS Horne, Belknap Class CG-30 (1967-1994) sunk as target 2008

USS Horne, Tonkin Gulf 1968 NH 106544 Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command JO2 Frank Rost

USS Horne CG-30 Suisun Bay CA 2008Belknap CGN Beaumont 2005

USS Olympia unique Protected Cruiser C-6 (1895-1922) LOA 344′ TDISP 7,000 tons Museum Ship since 1957, Philadelphia PAUSS Olympia C-6 Philedelphia PA, 2019.jpg

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