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Florida Class LOA 521′ TDISP 23,000 tons (2, 1 a memorial)

USS Utah BB-31 (1911) main armament removed and used as a training ship in 1930s, sunk 7 Dec. 1941, memorial

USS Utah (ex-BB-31), serving as a Radio Control – Bombing & Submarine Target and Anti-Aircraft Gunnery Training Ship at time of her 7 Dec. 1941 sinking at Pearl Harbor (photo ca. 1989). NARA 330-CFD-DN-SC-04-14300 PH3 Bos, USN
USS Utah BB-31 NH 50227
USS Utah BB-31, late 1920s, NH 50227 Courtesy Naval History and Heritage Command, Commander Harold C. Train

USS Utah wreckmemorial BB-31 Pearl Harbor 2015

New York Class LOA 573′ TDISP 29,000 tons  (2, 1 preserved)

USS Texas BB-35 (1914-1948) Museum Ship – San Jacinto Texas

USS Texas 80-G-426229
USS Texas BB-35, 1944, 80-G-426229 Courtesy of Naval History and Heritage Command (original in collection of National Archives)

USS Texas BB-35 SanJacintoTX

Pennsylvania Class LOA 608′ TDISP 32,000 tons (2, 1 memorial)

USS Arizona BB-39 (1916) sunk 7 Dec. 1941, Memorial wreck site

USS Arizona 80-G-463589
USS Arizona BB-39 late 1930s, 80-G-463589 Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command (original in collection of National Archives)

USS Arizona wreckmemorial BB-39 Pearl Harbor 2015

North Carolina Class LOA 728′ TDISP 45,000 tons (2, 1 preserved)

USS North Carolina BB-55 (1941-1947) – Museum Ship Wilmington NC

USS North Carolina BB-55 NH 61326
USS North Carolina BB-55 New York naval yard, 1941 NH 61326 Courtesy Naval History and Heritage Command

USS North Carolina BB-55 WilmingtonNC

South Dakota Class LOA 680′ TDISP 45,000 tons (4, 2 preserved)

USS Massachusetts BB-59 (1942-1947) Museum Ship – Fall River, MAUSS Massachusetts BB-59 FallRiverMA

USS Massachusetts BB-59 1942 NARA
USS Massachusetts July, 1942 NARA: 2977-42 NYBOS

USS Alabama BB-60 (1942-1947) Museum Ship – Mobile ABUSS Alabama BB-60 MobileABAlso of note, the USS South Dakota Memorial, Sioux Falls SD, with artifacts from the ship

Iowa Class LOA 887′ TDISP 60,000 tons (4, all preserved)

USS Wisconsin QB-622 1952
USS Wisconsin BB-64 near HMCS Quebec during Exercise Mainbrace, 1952. Credit: Library and Archives Canada / Department of National Defence QB-622 Copyright belongs to the Crown.

USS Iowa BB-61 (1943-1990) Museum Ship – Los Angeles CA

USS Iowa VancouverLAC E-7199-1 1947
USS Iowa, Burrard inlet, on a goodwill visit to Vancouver, BC, ca. 1947. Library and Archives Canada / Department of National Defence E-7199-1

USS Iowa BB-61 SanPedroCAUSS Iowa BB-61 Suisun BayCA2007.jpgUSS New Jersey BB-62 (1943-1991) Museum Ship – Camden NJ

USS New Jersey BB-62 being reactivated out of reserve in Bremerton WA in 1981 (in part because of the perceived threat of Kirov-class Soviet Battlecruisers). Updates visible below included Harpoon Anti ship missiles and Tomahawk missile systems (large angled boxes just forward of No. 3 gun), and Phalanx CIWS. NARA 330-CFD-DN-ST-82-01716 PH1 Terry C. Mitchell

USS New Jersey BB-62 CamdenNJ.jpg

USS New Jersey NARA 1989
USS New Jersey BB-62 steams alongside a Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force destroyer during Fleet Exercise ’89 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-93-04327 PH1 Terry Cosgrove

USS Missouri BB-63 (1944-1992) Museum Ship – Pearl Harbor HW

USS Missouri BB-62 80-G-421049
USS Missouri BB-63 bombarding North Korean targets, Oct 1950, 80-G-421049 Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command

USS Missouri BB-63 PearlHarborHWUSS Wisconsin BB-64 (1944-1991) Museum Ship – Norfolk VA

USS Wisconsin LAC DNS-5639 1951 HFX
USS Wisconsin visiting Halifax, 1951. Library and Archives Canada / Department of National Defence, DNS-5639

USS Wisconsin BB-64 NorfolkVA

USS Wisconsin refuels at sea from HMCS Provider during the Gulf War. Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / ISC 90 4031

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