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Florida Class LOA 521′ / 158.8 m TDISP 23,000 tons (2, 1 a memorial)

USS Utah BB-31 (1911) main armament removed and used as a training ship in 1930s, sunk 7 Dec. 1941, memorial

USS Utah (ex-BB-31), serving as a Radio Control – Bombing & Submarine Target and Anti-Aircraft Gunnery Training Ship at time of her 7 Dec. 1941 sinking at Pearl Harbor (photo ca. 1989). NARA 330-CFD-DN-SC-04-14300 PH3 Bos, USN
USS Utah BB-31 NH 50227
USS Utah BB-31, late 1920s, NH 50227 Courtesy Naval History and Heritage Command, Commander Harold C. Train

USS Utah wreckmemorial BB-31 Pearl Harbor 2015

New York Class LOA 573′ / 174.7 m TDISP 29,000 tons  (2, 1 preserved)

USS Texas BB-35 (1914-1948) Museum Ship – San Jacinto Texas. Towed from location to a drydock at Galveston TX for restoration 2022/08/31.

USS Texas 80-G-426229
USS Texas BB-35, 1944, 80-G-426229 Courtesy of Naval History and Heritage Command (original in collection of National Archives)

USS Texas BB-35 SanJacintoTX

Pennsylvania Class
LOA 608′ / 185.3 m TDISP 32,000 tons (2, 1 memorial)

USS Arizona BB-39 (1916) sunk 7 Dec. 1941, Memorial wreck site

USS Arizona 80-G-463589
USS Arizona BB-39 late 1930s, 80-G-463589 Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command (original in collection of National Archives)

USS Arizona wreckmemorial BB-39 Pearl Harbor 2015

USS Arizona wreckmemorial BB-39 Pearl Harbor 2019
These views show the general outlines of the ship, with the elevated bow (at right), the sides of No.2 Turret (guns removed), and the stern barbettes particularly visible. No. 1 turret (a triple 14″) is whole, but is deeper, in the collapsed portion behind the bows.

North Carolina Class LOA 728′ / 221.9 m TDISP 45,000 tons (2, 1 preserved)

USS North Carolina BB-55 (1941-1947) – Museum Ship Wilmington NC

USS North Carolina BB-55 NH 61326
USS North Carolina BB-55 New York naval yard, 1941 NH 61326 Courtesy Naval History and Heritage Command

USS North Carolina BB-55 WilmingtonNC

South Dakota Class LOA 680′ / 207.3 m TDISP 45,000 tons (4, 2 preserved)

USS Massachusetts BB-59 (1942-1947) Museum Ship – Fall River, MAUSS Massachusetts BB-59 FallRiverMA

USS Massachusetts BB-59 1942 NARA
USS Massachusetts July, 1942 NARA: 2977-42 NYBOS

USS Alabama BB-60 (1942-1947) Museum Ship – Mobile ABUSS Alabama BB-60 MobileABAlso of note, the USS South Dakota Memorial, Sioux Falls SD, with artifacts from the ship

Iowa Class LOA 887′ / 270.4 m TDISP 60,000 tons (4, all preserved)

USS Wisconsin QB-622 1952
USS Wisconsin BB-64 near HMCS Quebec during Exercise Mainbrace, 1952. Credit: Library and Archives Canada / Department of National Defence QB-622 Copyright belongs to the Crown.

USS Iowa BB-61 (1943-1990) Museum Ship – Los Angeles CA

USS Iowa VancouverLAC E-7199-1 1947
USS Iowa, Burrard inlet, on a goodwill visit to Vancouver, BC, ca. 1947. Library and Archives Canada / Department of National Defence E-7199-1

USS Iowa BB-61 SanPedroCAUSS Iowa BB-61 Suisun BayCA2007.jpgUSS New Jersey BB-62 (1943-1991) Museum Ship – Camden NJ

USS New Jersey BB-62 being reactivated out of reserve in Bremerton WA in 1981 (in part because of the perceived threat of Kirov-class Soviet Battlecruisers). Updates visible below included Harpoon Anti ship missiles and Tomahawk missile systems (large angled boxes just forward of No. 3 gun), and Phalanx CIWS. NARA 330-CFD-DN-ST-82-01716 PH1 Terry C. Mitchell

USS New Jersey BB-62 CamdenNJ.jpg

USS New Jersey NARA 1989
USS New Jersey BB-62 steams alongside a Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force destroyer during Fleet Exercise ’89 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-93-04327 PH1 Terry Cosgrove

USS Missouri BB-63 (1944-1992) Museum Ship – Pearl Harbor HW

USS Missouri BB-62 80-G-421049
USS Missouri BB-63 bombarding North Korean targets, Oct 1950, 80-G-421049 Courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command

USS Missouri BB-63 PearlHarborHWUSS Wisconsin BB-64 (1944-1991) Museum Ship – Norfolk VA

USS Wisconsin LAC DNS-5639 1951 HFX
USS Wisconsin visiting Halifax, 1951. Library and Archives Canada / Department of National Defence, DNS-5639

USS Wisconsin BB-64 NorfolkVA

USS Wisconsin refuels at sea from HMCS Provider during the Gulf War. Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / ISC 90 4031

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