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Mine Warfare Ships

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Koster/Landsort class LOA 156′ / 47.5 m TDISP 360 tons. Landsort’s are the original, non-upgraded class, 2 of which were decommissioned 2008. (7 Koster upgrades, 2 retired “Landsort”, service since 1984)

HSwMS M74_Kullen0001
HSwMS Kullen M-74, June 2015, showing upgraded Koster class features. Most prominent is the larger deckhouse just forward of the bridge. Credit: Hangsna, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Koster class Mine Harsfjarden 2019

HSwMS Kullen M-74, ca. 1999, showing original Landsort class appearance. Credit: Bengt-re, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons  

Landsort class Mine Karlskrona 2019

Styrsö class LOA 118′ / 36 m TDISP 205 tons (4 active, service since 1996) 2 units converted to Diving Support role; 2 to command and supply role.

HSwMS Styrsö M-11, ca. 2011. Credit: Tojti, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

HSwMS Spårö M-12 (1996) converted to Diving Support VesselHMS Spårö Mine Harsfjarden 2019

Styrso class Mine Karlskrona 2019-2

HSwMS Kalmarsund MUL-13 (1953-ca.1990) LOA 102′ / 31.1 m TDISP 245 tons preserved at Maritiman, Gotheborg (8 retired, 1 preserved)

HSwMS Kalmarsund at the Maritiman Museum, Gothenburg, 2010. Credit: Bolstermage, Public domain,via Wikimedia Commons

HSwMS kalmarsund Gothenburg 2012

HSwMS M-20 (1941-2005) M-type small inshore minesweeper LOA 89′ / 27.1 m TDISP 71 tons. Incredibly long service for a mahogany-hulled boat, converted to a tender named Skuld. Preserved at Vasa Museum, Stockholm

HSwMS Minsveparen_(M20)
HSwMS M-20 at the Vasa Museum, 2008. Credit: Goombah, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

HSwMS M-20 STockholm 2007

HSwMS Bremön 55 (1940-1966) Arholma Class LOA 186′ / 56.7 m TDISP 400 tons (14 ships, 1 preserved) Marinmuseum Karlskrona (14 units in the class)

HMS Bremön on display, 2008. Credit: Koster, Public domain,via Wikimedia Commons

HMS Bremön Karlskrona 2019

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