Swedish Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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ELINT ships “Spy ships”

HSwMS Artemis (2021) LOA 243′ TDISP 2,200 tons check Nauta shipyards Gdynia. view not yet located.

HSwMS Orion A-201 (1984) LOA 201′ TDISP 1,400 tons

ORION Karlskronavarvet20060714-5
HSwMS Orion A-201 at Karlskrona naval base, ca. 2006. Credit: Patrik Nylin, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

HSwMS Orion Karlskrona 2019

HSwMS Visborg A-265 (1976-2010) Command Ship LOA 303′ TDISP 2,600 tons. Scrapped 2013. Sister ship HSwMS Älvsborg (M02) was transferred to Chilean Navy 1997.

Vysborg Ship_at_Berga_navy_base,_Sweden-2
HSwMS Visborg A-265 at Berga Naval Base, ca. 2009 showing the two bow gun positions, pre-refit. Credit: Szilas, Public domain, viaWikimedia Commons

HSwMS Visborg A-265 Harsfjarden 2009

HSwMS Belos III A-214 (1992) Submarine Rescue Ship originally built in 1985 named Energy Supporter

HSwMS Belos A-214 ca 2011. Credit: Tojti, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

HSwMS Belos sub rescue Karlskrona 2019

HSwMS Smyge Experimental stealth ship (1991) LOA 89′ TDISP 140 tons

The signature-suppression air cushion vehicle Smyge underway during BALTOPS 94. NARA: USN 330-CFD-DN-ST-95-00174 (CDR. Nathan Jones)

HSwMS Smyge Experimental stealth ship Karslkrona 2019

Sail Training Ships

HSwMS Najaden (1897-1938) LOA 160′ TDISP unknown

HSwMS Najaden while berthed near Halmstad Castle, ca. 2007. Credit: Jonas Ericsson, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

HSwMS Najaden Frederikstad Norway 2015HSwMS Najaden Frederikstad Norway 2020HSwMS Najaden Halmstad 2014