Russian Navy – Intelligence Gathering Vessels

Intelligence Gathering Vessels

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SSV-33 Ural (1989 – 2002) Kapusta Class / Project 1941 Titan (based on modified Kirov class Battlecruiser hull) “Spy Ship” Decommissioned 2002 and dismantled ca. 2011, LOA 869′ / 264.9 m TDISP 36,000 tons

SSV-33, Project 1941 Titan – Kapusta class, 1988, showing massive size of hull. United States Department of Defense

SSV-33 Abrek Bay 2005

SSV-33 Fokino 2011
ex-Ural SSV-33 awaiting further dismantling near Fokino. Nearby Delta class nuclear missile boat shows the massive size of the Kirov battlecruiser style hull.

SSV-33 Fokino 2017.jpg

Ural and Kirov 1982 Leningrad KH-9 view NRO report
Ural SSV-33, fitting out at the Leningrad shipyards, undated declassified Hexagon KH-9 imagery (cropped view p.5] from the Center for the Study of National  Reconnaissance, National Reconnaissance Office, available from an official US 2012 report “Hexagon KH-9 Imagery” at the NRO website. This would appear to be a 1982 view, with the similarly-sized Kirov class cruiser at right.

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