Royal Netherlands Navy – Mine Warfare Ships

Mine Warfare Ships

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Dokkum class LOA 153′ / 46.6m TDISP 420 tons. US paid for. (18 built, service 1959-1999, 1 active with Peruvian Navy, 4 museum boats or other) wood with aluminum frame.

Roermond M-806 (1955-1987) cadet ship at Lemmer

Roermond M-806 Lemmer 2022

Naaldwijk M-809 (1955-1994) cadet ship at Haarlem

Naaldwijk M-809 Haarlem 2017

Naarden M-823 (1956-1999) cadet ship at Deftzjil

Naarden M-823 Delfzjil 2022

Hoogeveen M-827 (1956-1999) museum ship at Den Helder, may no longer be preserved.

Hoogeveen M-827 Den Helder 2020

Sittard M-830 (1956-1999) cadet ship Harlingen

Sittard M-830 Harlingen 2017

Alkmaar class (Tripartite class) LOA 169′ / 51.5 m TDISP 605 tons (40 built for several navies, 15 served with Netherlands, service since 1983: 5 were sold to Latvia and 4 more were decommissioned in 2011, leaving 6 in active service as of 2020)

Alkmaar class Den Helder 2019

HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen, Jan Van Amstel class minesweeper (1936-1961; service in the Royal Australian Navy 1942-43) LOA 184′ / 56.1 m TDISP 525 tons. Training hulk after service, preserved at the Dutch Navy Museum, Den Helder after 1995.

HDMS AbrahamCrijnssen_Den_Helder
HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen at her berth at the Dutch Naval Museum, Den Helder, 2012. Credit: Zandcee / CC BY-SA 

HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen Den Helder 2015

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