Royal Netherlands Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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Replenishment / Resupply

HNLMS Zuiderkruis A-832 (1975-2012) LOA 560′ / 170.7 m TDISP 16,900 tons scrapped 2013HNLMS Zuiderkruis A-832 Den Helder 2013

HNMLS Amsterdam A-836 (1995-2014) LOA 545′ / 166.1 m TDISP 17,040 tons transferred to Peru as BAP Tacna ARL-158, still active.HNMLS Amsterdam A-836 Den Helder 2014BAP Tacna Callao 2018

Hydrographic Survey

HNLMS Snellius A-802 (2003) AND HNLMS Luymes A-803 (2004) LOA 268′ / 81.7 m TDISP 1,875 tons

HNMLS Snellius A-802 Operation Trident Juncture, Oct. 2015 Credit: Ministerie van Defensie (Nederland) / CC0

HNMLS Hydro survey Den Helder 2019HNMLS Hydro survey Den Helder 2018

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