Republic of Korea – Landing Ships

Republic of Korea Landing Ships

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Cheon Wang Bong Class LST LOA 416′ / 126.8 m TDISP 7,100 tons (4 active) In service since 2014

USS Benfold Participates in IFR 2018
ROKS Cheon Ja Bong LST-687 during International Fleet Review 2018 US Navy Official 4811907 PO2 Elesia Patten

Cheon Wang Bong Hyundai Ulsan 2019.jpg

Landing Ship, Tanks LST

LST Mk 2, LST-542 subclass. LOA 328′ / 100 m TDISP 4,080 tons see also USN retired landing ships for other examples of this large class.

ROKS Wi Bong LST-676 (1958-2006) formerly USS Johnson County LST-849, (1945-1958) Pacific War veteran, participated in Okinawa landings. Transferred to South Korea as military aid. Preserved as a museum ship at Jinpo Maritime Park in Gunsan City.USS LST 849 Gunsan Korea 2016

ROKS Suyeong LST-813, later LST-677 (1958-2005) formerly USS Kane County LST-853 (1944-1958) Pacific War veteran, which landed troops on Okinawa. Transferred as military assistance. Museum ship until closed in 2017, towed back in a deteriorated condition to the navy in 2020.  ROKS Suyeong LST-677 Danghangpo museum 2009

ROKS Un Bong LST-807 (1955-2005) Formerly USS LST-1010 (1944-1955) Pacific War veteran at Okinawa landings. Transferred as military aid, and participated in the Vietnam War. Preserved at the Gimpo Marine Park.  ROKS Un Bong LST-807 Gimpo marine park museum 2010

ROKS Hwa San LST-816 later LST-679 (1959-ca.2000) Formerly USS Pender County LST-1080 (1945-1958) Pacific War veteran. Transferred as military aid. Preserved at the SapKyoHo National Sightseeing Resort at Dangjin-Gun alongside Gearing class destroyer ROKS Jeon Ju/USS Rogers, since at least 2004.  ROKS Hwa San LST-679 Sapkyoho resort 2021

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