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Landing Ships

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Newport Class LOA 522′ / 159.1 m TDISP 8,450 tons (2 active with Taiwan)

Decommissioned tank landing ship ex-USS Manitowoc LST-1180 tied up at Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Corporation Shipyard, 1996, prior to sale to the Taiwanese Navy [Detail of]. The ship was commissioned in 2000 as ROCS Chung Ho LST-232 NARA: USN 330-CFD-DN-SC-97-01432 (Robert J. Sitar)
Newport LST Kaohsiung City 2015

ROCS Chung Ping 233 (1997) formerly USS Sumter LST-1181 (1970-1995) ROCS Chung Ping 233 Kaohsiung City 2021ROCS Chung Ping 233 Kaohsiung 2019

ROCS Chung Ho 232 (1997) formerly USS Manitowic LST-1180 (1970-1995) ROCS Chung Ho 232 Kaohsiung City 2021

Mk II LST (LST-542 class) LOA 328′ / 100 m TDISP 4,080 tons

ROCS Zhong Ding LST-203, formerly USS LST-537 model [Detail of]. Credit: Solomon203, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
LST Taiwan Kaohsiung 2019LST Taiwan Zuoying 2019

ROCS Zhong Jian LST-205 (1948) formerly USS LST-716 (1944-1948) Pacific War veteran, at landings of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Incredibly, still active as of 2021. ROCS Zhong Jian LST-205 Kaohsiung city 2021

ROCS Kao Hsiung LCC-1 LST 512 class converted to Command and Control Ship, Amphibious flagship (1957). Recently extensively modified with radar tower and possibly a VLS or other launching system. Formerly USS Dukes County LST-735 (1944-1957) service in World War Two Pacific Campaign landings and Korean War. Taiwan News had more information in a Nov. 2019 article.

ROCS Kao Hsiung LCC-1, Command and Control Ship and test ship, formerly a US LST MK II class, before the fitting of a large phased radar tower. Zhongzheng Naval Base, ca 2013. Credit: 玄史生, CC BY-SA 3.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

ROCS Kao Hsiung LST Zuoying 2020

Landing Ship (Medium) LSM

LSM-1 class LOA 204′ / 62.2 m TDISP 900 tons (17 ex-USN LSMs, with WW2 service, Taiwanese naval service ca. 1946-2004, during which they were extensively updated, most retired by late 1990s, all scrapped or sunk)

ROCS Mei Peng LSM-353 ca. 1994, South China Sea. The ship is the former USN LSM-1 class LSM-471. NARA USN DN-SN-96-00166

ROCS LSMs Kaohsiung Taiwan 2013

Landing Craft Utility LOA ca. 130′ / 39.6 m TDISP 400 tons. 2 different types, the “Taiwan type” LOA 136′ locally built versions of US LCUs, with ramps at both ends, and the Japanese-built LOA 120′, with a ramp at the bow.

ROC LCUs Kaohsiung 2021
From the length and the through-deck with ramps at both stern and bow, these appear to be the 135′ long “Taiwan” type LCUs.

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