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Cheng Kung / Oliver Hazard Perry class LOA 453′ / 138 m TDISP 4,105 tons (8 built in Taiwan under license, 2 ex-USN OHP transferred)

ROCS Yueh Fie PFG2-1106 and ROCS Tian Dan PFG2-1110 at Zuoying, 2015 Credit: 玄史生, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cheng Kung OHP frigate Zuoying 2017Cheng Kung OHP frigate Pescadores 2020

Kang Ding Class (variant of La Fayette class) LOA 408′ / 124.4 m TDISP 3,800 tons (6 active, service since 1996)

ROCS Wu_Chang_Shipped_in_No.9_Pier_of_Zhongzheng_Naval_Base_20130504b
ROCS Wu Chang PFG-1207 at Zhongzheng Naval Base, 2013. Credit: 玄史生, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Kang Ding FFG Zuoying 2017-2Kang Ding FFG Zuoying 2017Kang Ding FFGs Zuoying 2020Kang Ding FFG Zuoying 2020

Knox class LOA 440′ / 134.1 m TDISP ca. 4,000 tons (8 transferred from USN to ROCN, 6 still active)

ROCS Ni Yang F-938 underway departing the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, 1999. (ex-USS Aylwin FF-1081) NARA USN 330-CFD-DN-SC-02-05481 (William H. Clarke)

ROCS Chi Yang FF-932 (1993-2015) formerly USS Robert E. Peary FF-1073 (1972-1992) Sunk as target 2020 AND ROCS Hae Yang FF-936 (1995-2015) formerly USS Cook FF-1083 (1971-1994) Sunk as target 2020.Knox class FFG Kaohsiung City 2018Knox class FFG Kaohsiung City 2019

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