South African Navy – Mine Warfare Ships

Mine Warfare Ships

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River Class LOA 158′ / 48.2 m TDISP 380 tons (2 active, 2 retired, service since 1981)

SAS Umzimkulu ca. 2008 Credit: Andrew Deacon, CC BY 2.0

River Class mine warfare Simon's Town 2014

SAS Durban M-1499 (1958-1991) Ton class minesweeper LOA 153′ / 46.6 m TDISP 450 tons. First ship built specifically for the South African Navy. Converted in 1970s to a patrol vessel. Museum ship at the Port Natal Maritime Museum, Durban. Sank at the dock June 2020, after a major refit, and, like sistership HMS Bronington, is still flooded. SAS Durban museum durban 2010SAS Durban museum durban 2022

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