Navy of Pakistan – Submarines


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Attack Submarines (Diesel-Electric)

Agosta 90B/Khalid class LOA 249′ / 75.9 m TDISP 2,000 tons submerged (3 active, service since 1999) First unit built in France, other two assembled in Pakistan with French technical assistance.Agosta 90B-Khalid class Karachi 2020

Agosta 70/Hashmat class LOA 220′ / 67.1 m TDISP 1,700 tons submerged (2 active, service since 1979) Built in France. Originally intended for South Africa, but sale blocked due to embargo.Agosta70-Hashmat class Karachi 2020

Daphné class LOA 190′ / 57.9 m TDISP 1,050 tons submerged. (4 retired, 1 preserved, service 1970-2006)

PNS Hangor S-131 (1970-2006) Museum ship. During Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, sank the frigate INS Khukri F-149.PNS Hangor Pakistan Maritime Museum Karachi 2021

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