Navy of Pakistan – Frigates


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Zulfiquar Class LOA 404′ TDISP 4,100 tons (4 active, 2 building, service since 2009) updated Chinese Type 053H3 design, 3 units of class built in China.

PNS Saif at Manila South Harbor, Dec. 2017. Credit: Rhk111 / CC BY-SA 

PNS Aslat F-254 (2013) last unit of class, built in KarachiPNS Aslat F-254 FF Karachi 2012Zulfiquar Class FFs Karachi 2019

PNS Alamgir F-260 (2010) LOA 453′ TDISP 4,200 tons former Oliver Hazard Perry USS McInerney FFG-8 (1979-2010).
PNS Alamgir. Note the harpoon missile launchers installed on the quarterdeck. / CC BY

PNS Alamgir Karachi 2018PNS Alamgir F-260 Karachi 2020PNS Alamgir F-260 Karachi 2012

Tariq Class LOA 384′ TDISP 3,250 former type 21 British frigates (6 transferred 1993-1994, 3 still active)

PNS Shah Jahan DDG-186, participating in Operation Inspired Siren, Persian Gulf 2005. NARA: US Navy 330-CFD-DN-SD-06-09494 (PH1 Robert Mcrill)

Type 21 FFs Karachi 2020Type 21 FFs Karachi 2019

PNS Zulfiqar F-262 (1988-2006) Leander Class (Type 12) formerly HMS Apollo F-70 (1972-1988) Sunk 2010.

HMS Apollo F-70 in 1976 / CC BY-SA

PNS Zulfiqar F-262 Karachi 2010

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