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BNS Bangabandhu F-25 (2001) Ulsan class variant (South Korean built to a heavily modified design) LOA 340′ / 103.6 m TDISP 2,500 tons

CARAT 2012
BNS Bangabandhu F-25 off the coast of Bangladesh during Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training 2012. USN Official 671329 (Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Sean Furey or Lou Burton – metadata on DVIDS has double credit)

BNS Bangabandhu Chattogram 2019BNS Bangabandhu Chattogram 2017 Hamilton Class patrol frigates (formerly high endurance US Coast Guard Cutters) LOA 378′ / 115.2 m TDISP 3,250 tons (2 active, BNS service since 2013)

BNS Somudra Joy F-28 (2013) formerly USCGC Jarvis WHEC-725 (1972-2012) AND BNS Somudra Avijan F-29 (2015) formerly USCGC Rush WHEC-723 (1969-2015)

Somudra Joy arrives at Pearl Harbor
BNS Somudra Joy F-28 arrives at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam for a scheduled port visit. USN official 1049887 (PO2 Johans Chavarro)

BNS hamilton class frigate Chittagong 2019BNS hamilton class frigates Chittagong 2016BNS hamilton class frigates Chittagong 2019

Type 053H3 (Jiangwei II) LOA 367′ / 111.9 m TDISP 2,400 tons (4 active, transferred from China in 2 batches)

PLANS Lianyungang FFG-522, ca. 2016, before transfer to Bangladesh as BNS Umar Farooq in 2019. Credit: 日本防衛省·統合幕僚監部, CC BY 4.0 , viaWikimedia Commons

Type 053H3 FFGs BNS Khulna 2020

Type 053H2 (Jianghu-III) LOA 339′ / 103.3 m TDISP 2,000 tons (2 active, transferred from China 2013)

Abu Bakir-বানৌজা_আবু_বকর,_বাংলাদেশ_নৌবাহিনী_(cropped)
BNS Abu Bakar F-15 ca.2011. This ship previously served the PLAN from 1986-2013 as PLANS Huangshi Credit: ওসমানগনী, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Type 053H2 FFGs BNS Khulna 2020

Type 053H FF Chittagong 2018
Based on the visual features, the top two frigates are the H2 Frigates BNS Abu Bakar F-15 and Ali Haider F-17, transferred from China in 2014 and the lower is the H1 frigate Osman F-18, transferred in 1989. All are now fitted with the C-802 Anti-ship missile system.

Type 053H1 (Jianghu-II) BNS Osman F-18 LOA 339′ / 103.3 m TDISP 1,730 tons (1989 – 2020)

BNS Osman F-18 underway, 1991. NARA: USN Official 330-CFD-DN-SN-92-01057

BNS Osman F-18 Chittagong 2019

BNS Osman Chittagong 2004
Note original anti-ship missile armament of large C-201/HY-2 Silkworm missile tubes forward and aft of the funnel. These were replaced by C-802 missiles in 2007.

Leopard Class LOA 340′ / 103.6 m TDISP 2,500 tons BNS Abu Bakar (1982-2013) formerly HMS Lynx F-27 (1957-1982) and BNS Ali Haider (1978-2013) formerly HMS Jaguar F-37 (1959-1978)

HMS Jaguar F-37 Dutch archives
HMS Jaguar F-36 Sep. 1968, Amsterdam, long before her transfer to Bangladesh. Credit: Nationaal Archief CCO (Fotograaf Onbekend / Anefo)

Leopard Class frigates Chittagong 2014old British bangladesh frigates Chittagong 2014

BNS Umar Farooq F-16 Salisbury class LOA 340′ / 103.6 m TDISP 2,400 tons (1 retired, service 1976-2016 transferred from the Royal Navy HMS Llandaff F-61 1958-1976)

HMS Lincoln, ca. 1972, sistership to HMS Llandaff Credit: Dmgerrard, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

BNS Umar Farooq Chittagong 2015

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