Mexican Navy – Landing Ships

Landing Ships

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Newport and 542 LSTs Manzanillo 2011

Newport Class LST (2 transferred from USN 2001-2002, active) LOA 562′ / 171.3 m TDISP 8,400 tons Newport LST Acapulco 2017Newport LST Manzanillo 2020Newport LST Tuxpan 2017

Montes Azules class landing / logistics ship LOA 335′ / 102.1 m TDISP 3,600 tons (2 active, service since 2011) These ships, built by Astimar 20, Salina Cruz, are generally patterned on the elderly USN Landing Ship Tanks that were in Mexican naval service.

ARM Montes Azules BAL-01 displays the remarkable similarity of this ca. 2010 class to original WW2 US LSTs, ca. 2012. Credit: Josecerva22, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Montes Azules LS Manzanillo 2020Montes Azules class LS Manzanillo 2019

ARM Manzanillo IA-02 (1972-2011) formerly USS Clearwater County LST-602 (1944-1972) LST MK II Class, LST-542 subclass. LOA 328′ / 100 m TDISP 3,600 tonsLST-542 Manzanillo 2009

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