North Korean Navy – Submarines


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Simpo / Gorae class SSB (Ballistic missile conventionally powered submarine) (1 active or used as a test platform) LOA ca. 225′ TDISP 1,600 tons submerged (estimate)Sinpo class SSB NK 2016Sinpo class SSB NK 2019

Romeo class attack submarines LOA 251′ TDISP 1,800 tons submerged (originally up to 22 transferred, many as Chinese made kits, most now out of service)

Romeo class SS Chaho NK 2020

Sang-O class coastal submarines LOA 115′ TDISP 370 tons submerged (about 40 in service, 1 unit captured by South Korea)

The Sang-O class submarine captured during the 1996 incident, on display at the Unification Park near Gangneung, South Korea, ca. 2012. Credit: Idobi, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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