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Italian Navy Cruisers

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Helicopter Cruiser

Vittorio Veneto 550 (1969 – 2003) LOA 589′ / 179.5 m TDISP 8,800 tons. Efforts to preserve this interesting ship failed, possibly due to the high cost of asbestos removal. Scrapped at Alang, India, late 2021.

Vittorio Veneto 2001 Credit: Eugenio Castillo CC BY-SA 3.0

Vittorio Veneto 550 Taranto 2013

Armoured Cruiser

Modified Pisa class armoured cruiser Royal Hellenic Navy ship Georgios Averof (1911-1952) LOA 460′ / 140.2 m TDISP 10,200 tons. Originally intended for Italian Navy in Livorno. Service in Balkan Wars and both World Wars. Museum ship since 1984 at Palaio Faliro, near Athens Greece. Very rare armoured cruiser.

Royal Hellenic Navy Georgios Averof in disruptive camoflage, 1942. Credit: UK Royal Navy — HM Statutory Crown Copyright, 1942UK/Gov-PD /Public domain

Georgios Averof Athens 2019

Brassey’s Annual, 1923 diagram of armoured arrangement and gun layout of the Giorgios Averof. artist not identified / Public domain

Puglia, Regioni class armoured/protected Cruiser (1901-192) LOA 290′ / 88.4 m TDISP 3,000 tons. About 200′ of the forward section preserved in a hillside villa. Benito Mussolini donated the bow  to Gabrielle d’Annunzio, who had it preserved on his estate at Vittoriale degli italiani as a museum.

Puglia, looking forward, in the hillside at Vittoriale degli italiani, 2020. Credit: Ysogo, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Puglia armoured cruiser in hillside Vittoriale degli 2019

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