French Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships

French Navy Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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Missile Range Instrumentation Ship

Monge A-601 (1992) LOA 740′ TDISP 21,000 tons

Monge Brest 2018

Replenishment Oiler

Durance Class LOA 516′ TDISP 17,800 tons full load (6 built, 5 active, one with Argentine Navy)Durance class oiler Toulon 2015.jpg

Icebreaker / Resupply

L’Astrolabe P-800 (2016) LOA 236′ TDISP 3,000 tons. Hull built in Poland, fitted out at Pirioue, Concarneau. Icebreaker for Antarctica scientific station resupply.L'Astrolabe P-800 Concarneau 2017