Chilean Navy – Landing Ships

Landing Ships

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BATRAL class (French design, name is a contraction of Bâtiment de Transport Léger) LOA 262′ / 79.9 m TDISP 1,300 tons (3 built locally built, 2 active, in service since 1983)

Rancagua LST-92 unloading on a beach near Valparaiso, 2018. Credit: John Chapman / CC BY-SA 

BATRAL Talcahuano 2019

Newport Class LOA 562′ / 171.3 m TDISP 8,300 tons (1 ex-USN transferred to Chile)

Valdivia LST-93 (1995-2011) formerly USS San Bernardino LST-1189 (1971-1995). Vessel ruled beyond economical repair after heavy use during 2010 Chilean earthquake relief assistance. Likely scrapped.

USS San Bernardino LST-1189 leaving for her Operation Desert Shield deployment, 1991 NARA: US Navy Official 330-CFD-DD-ST-91-07746

Valdivia LST-93 Valparaiso 2009

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