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Attack Submarines (Diesel-Electric)

The whole active sub fleet together. ARA Salta S-31 upper submarine, with both ARA San Juan S-42 and ARA Santa Cruz S-41. Since this was taken, San Juan was tragically lost with all hands, Santa Cruz is laid up indefinitely, and Salta is an inactive trainer. Credit: Government of Argentina, CC BY 2.5 AR , via Wikimedia Commons

TR-1700 class LOA 221′ / 37.2 m TDISP 2,330 tons submerged (1 active, 1 lost, service since 1984) German-built boats.  TR 1700 class sub Mar del Plata 2015

ARA San Juan S-42 (1985-2017) Lost with all 44 hands on 15 November 2017.  ARA San Juan S-42 Mar del Plata 2017 ARA San Juan S-42 refit Buenos Aires 2015

Type 209/1200 class LOA 178′ / 54.3 m TDISP 1,200 tons. (2, 1 laid up at shipyard, 1 inactive) Built in Germany.

ARA Salta S-31 (1974) Status currently is mostly inactive, or laid up, but is still in use as a training platfrom as of 2020.   ARA Salta sub Mar del Plata 2020

ARA San Luis S-32 (1974-1997) Laid up at Tandanor shipyards, Buenos Aires, after long refit. ARA San Luis laid up Tandanor shipyards Buenos Aires 2014 ARA San Luis laid up Tandanor shipyards Buenos Aires 2010

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