USN – Current Amphibious Assault Ships

Amphibious Assault Ships (see also retired list)

Back to USN Current Carriers4 amphibious assault shipAmerica Class LHA LOA 844′ / 257.3 m TDISP 46,000 tons (2 active, 1 building)

USS America LHA-6 (2014)USS America LHA-6 Sasebo 2016

USS Comstock (LSD 45) Conducts Replenishment at Sea
USS America during a Replenishment at Sea US Navy: 5697552 Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Peter Burghart

USS Tripoli LHA-7 (2020)

USS Tripoli and Marine Aircraft Group 13 demonstrate Lightning Carrier Concept
USS Tripoli LHA-7, departs Naval Air Station North Island, Calif., April 7, 2022. Tripoli is demonstrating the “Lightning Carrier” concept, by operating up to 20 US Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II STOVL aircraft. (U.S. Marine Corps photo 7134402 by Sgt. Samuel Ruiz)
The future USS Tripoli about to be launched US Navy: 3354002

USS Tripoli LHA-7 Pascagoula MS 2019

USS Bougainville LHA-8 (building, not yet commissioned, keel laid 2019, projected to enter service 2024) USS Bougainville LHA-8 building Pascagoula 2022

Wasp Class LHD LOA 843′ / 256.9 m TDISP 41,000 tons Amphibious Assault Ship (7 active, 1 damaged and scrapping)

USS Bataan LHD-5 2019 USN Official 5713374 Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Lyle Wilkie

USS Wasp LHD-1 (1989)USS Wasp LHD-1 Norfolk VA 2002USS Essex LHD-2 (1992)USS Essex LHD-2 Pescagoula 1992.jpg

USS Essex, Pohang, Republic of Korea 2006 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-07-01637 JO3 Adam R. Cole, USN

USS Essex LHD-2 San Diego 2000USS Kearsarge LHD-3 (1993)USS Kearsarge LHD-3 Norfolk 2010

USS Boxer LHD-4 (1995)

USS Boxer 1998 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-01-09531

USS Boxer LHD-4 San Diego 2012

USS Bataan LHD-5 (1997)USS Bataan LHD-5 Norfolk 2019USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6 (1998-2021) Extensively damaged by fire July 2020 while under refit, judged as not worth the cost of repairing and stricken from the naval register 15 April, 2021. Scrapping at Brownsville TX. USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6 Bahrain 2005 USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6 Okinawa 2014USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6 San Diego 2020USS bonhomme richard scrap Brownsville TX

USS Bonhomme Richard 2006 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-07-02593 PHAA Bryan Niegel, USN

USS Iwo Jima LHD-7 (2001)

An LCAC exits the well deck of USS Iwo Jima LHD-7 Persian Gulf, 2006 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-07-11686 MC3 John S. Skrzyniarz, USN

USS Iwo Jima LHD-7 Mayport FL 2018USS Makin Island LHD-8 (2009) and USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6 (1998)USS Makin Island LHD-8 and USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6 San Diego 2018

Tarawa artist concept NARA
1984 artist’s conception, showing operations of both LCAC docking and Harrier flying. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-ST-85-00439 Ingalls Shipbuilding
And what they actually built! USS Kearsarge LHD-3, 1999 NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-04-13207 CWO2 Seth Rossman, USN
LCAC in Wasp class NARA
View of interior of well deck toward stern gate, USS Wasp LHD-3, showing 3 LCAC craft, 1998. NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SD-01-09016 PH3 Kenneth A. Pace, USN

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