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G Class (updated Oliver Hazard Perry Class) (also called Gabya class) LOA 445′ / 135.6 m TDISP 4,100 tons (8 active, 1 parts hulk) extensively modernized with electronics, sensors, and Mk-41 VLS (Vertical Launching System) installed in the bows.

TCG Gelibolu_(F-493)
TCG Gelibolu F-493 at Aksaz naval base, 2011. Credit: Sergio Acosta, / CC BY-SA 
G class frigates (ex USN OHP class) Marmaris 2018
Note the lower 2 units clearly have the Mk-41 VLS cells in the bows.

G class frigates (OHP) Gölcük Kocaeli 2017

G class frigates (ex-USN OHP) Eregli 2017
Given the condition this Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate appears to be in, it seems likely it is the former USS Duncan FFG-10, transferred to Turkey as a spares hulk.

Barbaros Class MEKO 200 TNII design LOA 383-387′ / 116.7-118 m TDISP 3,350 tons (4 active; service since 1997) last two units longer and fitted with VLS launchers.

Barbaros F_245_TCG_OruçReis
TCG Oruçreis F-245 Barbaros Class ca. 2009 Credit: Joost J. Bakker from IJmuiden / CC BY 

TCG Barbaros (1997) TCG Oruçreis F-245 (1997) TCG Salihreis F-246 (1998) TCG Kemalreis F-247 (2000) Barbaros Class FFG Gölcük Kocaeli 2017

Yavuz Class MEKO 200 LOA 363′ / 110.6 m TDISP 3,030 tons (4 active, service since 1987)

TCG Yavuz (F-240) Istanbul_1000146_Nevit
TCG Yavuz F-240 off Istanbul, 2012. Credit: © Nevit Dilmen / CC BY-SA
Yavuz Class FFG Gölcük Kocaeli 2017
The most obvious current visual difference between the Yavuz and the more modern Barbaros ships is the positioning of the slight “bunny ear” funnels slightly aft on the Yavuz frigates, and the Sea Sparrow missile launcher above the hangar.

Tepe Class (former USN Knox Class) LOA 438′ / 113.5 m TDISP 4,300 tons (8 transferred from USN to Turkey, along with up to 4 spare parts hulls, Turkish service 1993-2016)

TCG Karadeniz_F255
TCG Karadeniz F-255 at Rota, Spain, 2004 Credit: Luis Díaz-Bedia Astor / CC BY-SA 

Knox class FFG Golcuk 2015TCG Ege F-256 (1994-2005) formerly USS Ainsworth FF-1090 (1973-1994). Museum ship at Inciralti Sea Museum, Izmir.TCG Ege F-256 Inciralti, Izmir 2019

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