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Nautilus class pirate raiding submarines LOA 100-130′ / 30.5-39.6 m TDISP unknown. Captain Nemo’s piratical activities are well known. He sank many ships with his favourite technique of submarine ramming. The Nautilus class is terrifying, with dorsal spikey projections, possibly for wire-cutting or boom-breaking to penetrate the anti-submarine / anti-piracy defences of ports.

The Nautilus located near Tokyo, at its secret pirate submarine pen. Credit: Wing1990hk, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

At least two boats have been built, with the one raiding Tokyo about 20′ / 6.1 m shorter that the one raiding Paris. They are basically a built-up Narco boat. Can we sub-slander these boats any more? Nautilus attraction Disneyland Tokyo 2018Nautilus attraction Disneyland Paris 2017

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