Russian Navy – Battlecruisers

Battlecruisers (Russia is the only naval power to operate anything in this class)

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Kirov class / Project 1144 Orlan Battlecruiser LOA 827′ TDISP 28,000 tons (4, 2 active) These are classified as Heavy Nuclear-powered Missile Cruisers. However, by their massive size, many observers and sources describe these as “battlecruisers.”Pyotr Velikiy and Marshal Ustinov Severomorsk 2020

Admiral Ushakov (formerly Kirov) (1980 – 1990) Retired, to be scrapped

A very similar view to the above capture, in same location. Admiral Ushakov (left) and Slava Class cruiser Marshal Ustinov 1992 Severomorsk NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SC-93-00282 CWO2 Tony Alleyne

Admiral Ushakov and Typhoon TK208 Sevmash 2018.jpgPyotr Velikiy (formerly Yuriy Andropov) (1996) Northern Fleet Flagship Pyotr Velikiy Severomorsk 2018Admiral Lazarev (formerly Frunze) (1984 – 1999) Retired, to be scrappedAdmiral Lazarev floating drydock 2014.jpgAdmiral Lazarev Abrek Bay 2019Admiral Nakhimov (formerly Kalinin) (1988) in long-term rebuild at Severomorsk (since 1999)

Admiral Nakhimov 1994 view NARA: 330-CFD-DN-SN-97-01602
Severdovinsk ADM Nakhimov launch Sentinel-2 L1C image on 2020-08-18
Edited Sentinel view from 2018-08-18 showing recently relaunched Admiral Nakhimov, after 5 years in drydock. This ship should now be heavily upgraded.

Kalinin Severodvinsk 2019.jpgAdmiral Nakhimov 2014-09Severodvinsk.jpg

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