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HTMS Thonburi Coastal Defence Ship (1938-1959) LOA 253′ / 77.1 m TDISP 2,300 tons. Severely damaged Jan. 1941 in a battle against the French Navy during the Franco-Thai War. Later returned to service as a training ship. Sections, including a turret and much of the deckhouses, were preserved as a naval memorial, at the Royal Thai Naval Academy.

RTNA1heinsetPD photo
Royal Thai Naval Academy memorial featuring artifacts from the HTMS Thonburi, with inset photo of Thonburi at Yokohama, Japan, in 1938. Credit: BunBn / CC BY-SA Work has been adapted, and can be shared under same terms as original. Inset photo is Public Domain, Copyright Expired.

HTMS Thonburi Coastal Defence memorial Thai Naval Academy 2015

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