Royal Netherlands Navy – Submarines


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Attack Submarines (Diesel Electric)

Walrus Class LOA 222′ / 67.7 m TDISP 2,650 tons submerged (4 active, service since 1990)Walrus class sub Den Helder 2019Zwaardvis Class LOA 220′ / 67.1 m TDISP 2,660 tons submerged (2 retired, Dutch service 1972-1995, both scrapped in Malaysia after they were not acquired) 2 modified boats were later built for the Republic of China (Taiwan) and continue in service.Zwaardvis class dutch subs, malaysia 2005Dolfijn Class LOA 261′ / 79.6 m TDISP 1,800 tons submerged (4 retired, 1 preserved)

HNLMS Tonjin S-805 (1966-1991) Dutch Navy Museum, Den HelderHNLMS Tonjin museum sub Den Helder 2017

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