Royal Moroccan Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Lieutenant Colonel Errhamani 501 (1983) Descubierta class corvette LOA 291′ TDISP 1,480 tons. Spanish built, see Spanish Patrol Vessels page for other units.

RMNS Lieutenant Colonel Errhamani F-501 during Majestic Eagle 2004, with the USS Enterprise, the USS LaSalle, and a large multinational group. USN Official 040712-N-0119G-088 (Photographer’s Mate Airman Rob Gaston)

Lieutenant Colonel Errhamani 501 Casablanca 2020

Lazaga class LOA 188′ TDISP 300 tons (4 active service since 1981) Spanish Built.Lazaga class Casablanca 2020Lazaga class Agadir 2020

OPV-70 class LOA 229′ TDISP 800 tons (1 active, 3 planned) Built in France.

Bir Anzaran P-341 (2011)

Bir Anzaran P-341 visiting Brest, France 2012. Thesupermat / CC BY-SA 

Bir Anzaran OPV-70 class Casablanca 2020

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