Royal Moroccan Navy – Corvettes and Patrol Ships

Corvettes and Patrol Ships

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Lieutenant Colonel Errhamani 501 (1983) Descubierta class corvette LOA 291′ / 88.7 m TDISP 1,480 tons. Spanish built, see Spanish Patrol Vessels page for other units.

RMNS Lieutenant Colonel Errhamani F-501 during Majestic Eagle 2004, with the USS Enterprise, the USS LaSalle, and a large multinational group. USN Official 040712-N-0119G-088 (Photographer’s Mate Airman Rob Gaston)

Lieutenant Colonel Errhamani 501 Casablanca 2020

Lazaga class LOA 188′ / 57.3 m TDISP 300 tons (4 active service since 1981) Spanish Built.Lazaga class Casablanca 2020Lazaga class Agadir 2020

OPV-70 class LOA 229′ / 69.8 m TDISP 800 tons (1 active, 3 planned) Built in France.

Bir Anzaran P-341 (2011)

Bir Anzaran P-341 visiting Brest, France 2012. Thesupermat / CC BY-SA 

Bir Anzaran OPV-70 class Casablanca 2020

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