Royal Australian Navy – Destroyers

Royal Australian Navy Destroyers

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Hobart Class DDG LOA 483′ TDISP 7,000 tons (2, 1 building)

HMAS Hobart DDG-39, Pearl Harbor 2018 US Navy 4750129 PO2 Charles Oki

Hobart Class DDG Osborne

Perth Class DDG (modified USN Charles F. Adams Class) LOA 440′ TDISP 4,600 tons (3, all retired and sunk as dive wrecks)

HMAS Hobart D-39 (1965 – 2000) laid up at Port Adelaide, sunk as dive wreck 2002 Yankalilla Bay

HMAS Hobart II
HMAS Hobart ca. 1967 in the Gulf of Tonkin, during Vietnam service Australian War Memorial NAVY13892

perth class DDG Hobart Port Adelaide 2001perth class Kuttabul 2002

Daring Class LOA 389′ TDISP 3,500 tons (3 built for RAN, 8 for RN, all retired, 1 lost, 1 preserved)

HMS Daring Med 1953
HMS Daring on exercises in the Mediterranean in 1953 © IWM (A 32788)

HMAS Vampire D-11 (1959 – 1986), museum ship Sydney NSW Australia

HMAS Vampire D-11 ca. 1959 © Australian War Memorial 301609

HMAS Vampire D-11 Sydney AUS 2015.jpg

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