Royal Australian Navy – Auxiliaries and Other Ships


Royal Australian Navy Auxiliaries and Other Ships

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Replenishment / Resupply

HMAS Sirius O-266 (2006 – present) LOA 648′ / 197.5 m TDISP 46,750 tons full loadHMAS Sirius O-266 Kuttabul 2018

HMAS Success OR-304 (1986 – 2019) Durance Class fleet oiler LOA 516′ / 157.3 m TDISP 18,200 tons full loadHMAS Success OR-304 Kuttabul 2018HMAS Success OR-304 scrap Port Pirie 2019

Boom Defence Ships

HMAS Karangi Bar-Class (1941-ca. 1952) LOA 174′ / 53 m TDISP 770 tons. SWW veteran with battle honours of Darwin 1942-43. Partially scrapped during the 1960s and then abandoned at Homebush Bay, New South Wales. See also South African Navy page for a sistership preserved as a museum.

HMAS Karangi Boom Defence AWM 4089056
Starboard side view of the Bar class boom working vessel, HMAS Karangi. The crew are at work on the Darwin boom, repairing anti submarine nets. The ship is fitted with horns, gallows and a rounded stern to assist in handling the boom equipment. Australian War Memorial 300865

HMAS Karangi boom defence wreck NSW 2007

Hydrographic Survey

Leeuwin class survey vessel LOA 234′ / 71.3 m TDISP 2,170 tons (2 active)

MV-22B Osprey recovery efforts with HMAS Melville
HMAS Melville assists in recovery efforts on a lost USN MV-22 Osprey, Coral Sea Aug. 2017 US Navy 3661332 PO2 Diana Quinlan

HMAS Leeuwin A-245 (2000)

HMAS Leeuwin survey Cairns 2015.jpg

Historic Ships

HMVS / HMAS Cerberus monitor (1871-1924) LOA 225′ / 68.9 m TDISP 3,340 tons.  Victoria Naval Forces. Yarrow built (UK) and renamed HMAS Platypus II 1921. Sunk as a Breakwater at Half Moon Bay, 1926. Wreck still there, though efforts are underway for some preservation. This appears to be the last “Breastwork Monitor” in existence.

HMVS Cerberus
HMVS Cerberus general arrangement from Illustrated Australian News, May 1871 edition. Credit: State Library Victoria, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons HMVS Cerberus Melbourne 2018

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