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Kee Lung / Kidd Class LOA 563′ / 171.6 m TDISP 9,800 tons (4 active) ROCS service since 2005 USN service 1981-1999. Modified Spruance class design, originally intended for sale to Iran, before the Revolution.

Profile view of ROCS Kee Lung DDG-1801 and Ma Kong DDG-1805 at Zhongzheng Naval Base, 2013. Credit:玄史生, CC BY-SA 3.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

Kidd Class DD Kaohsiung 2016Kidd Class DDs Kaohsiung 2019Kidd Class DDs Charleston SC 2005

Gearing Class LOA 391′ / 119.2 m TDISP approx. 3,500 tonsFRAM I and II conversions

A port beam view of the Taiwanese Navy Gearing class destroyer Liao Yang DD-921 underway, Timor Sea, ca. 1993. (ex-USS Hanson DD-832). NARA USN 330-CFD-DN-SN-94-00792.

ROCS Te Nang DDG-925 (1977-2005) formerly USS Sarsfield DDG-837 (1945-1977) FRAM I conversion. service in Vietnam. Museum ship Tainan City.ROCS Te Yang DD-925 Tainan City 2018ROCS Te Yang DD-925 Tainan City 2019

Fletcher or Allen M. Sumner Class LOA 377′ / 114.9 m TDISP approx. 3,000 tons (7 retired units, all ex-USN from both classes of DD)

ROCS Gearing and Fletcher DDGs Taiwan 2010
The top unit, with a shorter length and funnels closer together, with a twin turret in “A” position, appears to be a Fletcher or Allen M. Sumner, while the lower two are Gearing class.

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