ROCN – Taiwan – Amphibious Warfare Ships

Amphibious Warfare Ships

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ROCS Hsu Hay LSD-193 (2000) Anchorage Class dock landing ship LOA 553′ / 168.6 m TDISP 14,000 tons. Formerly USS Pensacola LSD-38 (1971-1999) ROCS Hsu Hai LSD-193 2017ROCS Hsu Hai LSD-193

Casa Grande Class LOA 475′ / 144.8 m TDISP 9,375 tons (2 units transferred from USN and retired, both sunk as reefs)

ROCS Chung Cheng 191 (1985-2012) Formerly USS Comstock LSD-19 (1945-1976) Service in both Korean War and Vietnam. Purchased from a scrapyard by Taiwan and commissioned. Sunk as artificial reef 2015.ROCS Chung Cheng Taiwan 2009ROCS Chung Cheng Taiwan 2012

Wu Kang Class (also known as Yuen Feng class) Attack Transport (many features of a dock landing ship) LOA 334′ / 101,8 m TDISP 4,850 tons (3 active)Wu Kang class Kaohsiung 2019

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