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Landing Ships

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Bacolod class Logistics Support Vessel LOA 273′ / 83.2 m TDISP 4,065 tons (2 active, service since 1993)

Republic of the Philippines Navy ship BRP Dagupan City
BRP Dagupan City LC-551 during Exercise Balikatan 2010 (U.S. Navy photo 1347114 by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Mark R. Alvarez/Released)

BRP Bacolod LS-550 (1993)BRP Bacolod Manila 2018Bacolod class Cavite 2018

LST MK2 class LOA 328′ / 100 m TDISP 4,080 tons (27 transferred from US, 3 active, 1 as a grounded observation post) LST MK2 Cavite City 2010

BRP Laguna LT-501 (1976) LST-1 type, formerly USS LST-230 (1943-1946) participated at both Normandy and Southern France landings. Very rare active LST-1 type, with the elevator leading down to the tank deck and bow doors.

BRP Laguna LT-501, 2015. Credit: 1t0pe125, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LST 1 class Cavite 2017 BRP Benguet LT-507 (1976) LST-542 type. formerly USS LST-692 (1944-1946) Participated in landing of Southern France (1951-1955) reactivated for Korean War service. Renamed USS Daviess County LST-692 (1955-1964)

LST 542 class Cavite 2017

BRP Zamboanga Del Sur LT-86 LST-542 type. Formerly LST-975 (1945-1946) Pacific Campaign then service with Army, recommissioned for Korean War service (1950-1956) renamed USS Marion County  (1956-1963). Transferred to Republic of Vietnam Navy (South Vietnam) and served as RVNS Cam Ranh HQ-500 (1963-1975) escaped Vietnam to Subic Bay. Scrapped 2015 nearby.

LST-542 Sangley pt. 2010BPR Zamboanga Del Sur LT-86 Navotas scrapping 2015BPR Zamboanga Del Sur LT-86 Navotas scrapping 2016

BRP Sierra Madre LT-57 (1976) formerly USS LST-821 (1944-1946), participated in Okinawa landings in Pacific Campaign then USS Harnett County (1951-1970) transferred to Republic of Vietnam (South) as RVNS My Tho HQ-800 (1970-1975). Grounded 1999 in the Spratly Islands at Second Thomas Shoal to serve as an outpost, and due to the ongoing territorial disputes.BRP Sierra Madre south China Sea 2018

BRP Sierra Madre outpost 2011

BRP Lanao del Norte LT-504 (1976-2004) formerly USS LST-566 (1944-1946) then Military Sealift Command USNS LST-666 (1952-1973). Grounded and abandoned near dock atThitu / Pag-Asa Island. BRP Lanao Del Norte (LST-504) Thitu Island 2014BRP Lanao Del Norte (LST-504) Thitu Island 2005

ex-Mulgae 78 (2015) Mulgae LCU-72 class LOA 138′ / 42.1 m TDISP 415 tons. Korean-built version of a US LCU 1610 class. formerly Republic of Korea Navy LCU-78 (ca. 1979-2014) transferred to Philippines. LCU Cavite 2018

BRP Tagbanua AT-296 (2011) heavy LCU LOA 169′ / 51.5 m TDISP 580 tons

BRP Tagbanua AT-296, 2014. Credit: Philippine Navy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

BRP Tagbanua AT-296 LCU Lapu-Lapu 2018

BRP Manobo AT-297 (ca. 2010) LCU LOA 150′ / 45.7 m TDISP unknown

BRP Manobo AT-297 at  at Homonhon island, 2013. Credit: Philippine Navy PIO, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

BRP Manobo AT-297 Lapu-Lapu 2015

Balikpapan class LCU LOA 146′ / 44.5 m TDISP 520 tons (2 active with Philippine Navy, service since 2015) Australian built ships, RAN service 1973-2015.Balikpapan class LCU Lapu-Lapu 2017Balikpapan class LCU Lapu-Lapu 2016

Landing Craft Utility MK 6 LOA 119′ / 36.3 m TDISP 260 tons. Old US WW2 era LCUs transferred to the Philippine Navy. (3 active)

BRP Tausug AT-295, 2014. Credit: CDR GILBERT O PACIO PN, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

LCU MK6 Cavite 2010

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